Polar fleece scarf as a monkey. Ready made patterns with a master-class

Fleece scarves recently became very popular, in the first place, due to the characteristics of the material itself: warm, soft, bright and easy to handle. And sometimes you can really do without sewing and make the child a new accessory!

The basis of our flisovogo scarf you can also sew, but simply cut into the edges of the fringe and link the resulting “ponytails”, so not only do we skrepim two parts basis, but do the imitation wool. Sew the muzzle and paw and you will get any of the beast. We also offer training on obez′ânkah – they are very fun to hang from the shoulder. In addition, such a warm scarf can be a complement to a new year's gift in the year of the monkey!

Download and print scarf-monkeys from our site


Patterns are given without seam allowances.. Don't forget to mirror parts while cutting!.

готовый шарфик

A scarf out of fleece in the form of a monkey


You will need ::

  • Fleece or tight knit
  • Polyester staple fiber
  • Sewing thread
  • Needle for hand sewing
  • Scissors
  • a remnant
  • eyes
  • Glue "moment-Crystal


Stages of manufacture flisovogo silk scarf:

  1. On one of the blades on the front side of the scarf at the sides measure 2,5-3 see and draw a line. On the planned line to lay the line on the machine or hand stitch the back needle».
    основа шарфа

    Sew the scarf


  2. Make a slanting cut pripuskam, not dorezaâ to stitch 0,5 see, forming a fringe.
    нарезаем бахрому

    so you can make a fleece scarf without sewing


  3. Tie a small knot fringe strips nearby.
    завязываем бахрому

    How to tie a scarf part


  4. Details of the stop face down inside, Flash on skruglennomu edge, leaving not sewn flat plot. Unscrew the feet on the front side of the, straightening the seams.
    сшиваем стопы

    Sew foot monkey


  5. Fill the foot padding polyester.
    набивка стоп

    stop stuffing monkey


  6. Attach the foot inward parts legs, Flash it with the end of the.
    пришиваем стопы

    Sew feet to foot


  7. Flash your leg length.
    сшиваем ногу

    tie the leg monkey


  8. Unscrew the leg on the right side.
    выворачиваем ногу

    vyvoračivaem leg monkey


  9. Direct through stitches drag feet in two directions, forming fingers.
    делаем пальчики

    do the fingers on my leg


  10. Finished the leg with her fingers.
    нога с пальчиками

    Finished the leg with her fingers


  11. Hands folded parts face inside, Flash on skruglennomu edge, leaving not sewn flat plot. Unscrew the brushes on the front side of the, straightening the seams.
    кисти рук обезьяны

    Sew shoulder monkey


  12. Fill your hands with padding polyester. Hand-sew like legs.
    набиваем кисти рук

    fill brush hands monkeys


  13. For facemilling in edge of the scarf measure 2,5 – 3 see, put between layers of hand, that the edge went for a scheduled policy 0, 5 see. Fix hand stitch the needle back ". Second hand to Flash is similar to the first.
    пришиваем руки

    hand sewed the monkey


  14. By pripuskam from the end of the scarf oblique incisions, not dorezaâ to stitch 0,5 see, forming a fringe. Tie a small knot fringe strips nearby.
    доделываем бахрому

    the normal trim fringe


  15. Part of the tail folded face inside, Flash length, not došivaâ to the end 2,5-3 see.
    сшиваем хвост

    Sew the tail of a monkey


  16. Unscrew the tail to the right side, cut not stitched edge on strips of fringe.
    оформление хвоста

    vyvoračivaem and do a brush on the tail


  17. Tie the strips of knots.
    завязываем кисточку

    make brush tail


  18. From the other end of the scarf edge metal legs and tail similar to hands.
    вшиваем ноги

    We sew leg monkey


  19. The detail of the head from the front side sew the tongue edge looped suture.
    оформляем ротик

    How to make mouth monkey


  20. Closing the upper slice culture, Sew on snout.
    пришиваем мордочку

    Monkey face applique method of making


  21. Closing the upper slice faces, Sew round podglaznik.
    пришиваем подглазник

    application našivaem podglaznik


  22. Detail the nose to Flash in a circle stitch "over the edge", the thread does not fix the.
    стягиваем носик

    stâgivaem trunk monkey


  23. Fill the nose with padding polyester, thread pull, forming a hemisphere.
    формируем носик

    We form a spout


  24. Sew nose to snout, Sew ears to head.
    собираем мордочку

    collect face monkey


  25. Details of the heads add face to inside, Flash on skruglennomu edge, opening for turning, not leave. On the back of your head to make a cut length 3 see.
    сшиваем голову

    Sew the head


  26. Turn your head to the right side, straightening the seams.
    выворачиваем голову

    vyvoračivaem head on the front side of the


  27. Fill your head with padding polyester, sew up the hole countersunk stitches.
    набиваем голову

    fill your head with padding polyester


  28. Head countersunk stitches to sew a scarf.
    пришиваем голову

    Sew head to a scarf


  29. Embroider the white glare on the nose, Glue the eyes. Embroider eyelashes and eyebrows, Sew on fringe of yarn or chopped fleece. The hands and the soles of feet, you can glue or sew the pink spot-pads.
    окончательная отделка

    elements of the final trim scarf


  30. Scarf-monkey is ready!

    готовый шарф-обезьянка

    scarf-grey fleece monkey




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